How to use Anardana seeds in your food?

Anardana seeds are nothing but the dried seeds of the pomegranate fruit and used as a souring agent in popular Indian cuisine. Bits of the pulp of pomegranate remain on the seed when they dry. The pomegranate seeds have a slightly sticky nature with a mildly sweet, fruity, and tangy taste. These seeds are mostly used in vegetable and legume dishes. Some Moghlai dishes include these seeds. 

As a health-conscious person, you must focus on different aspects of a balanced diet and make positive changes in your diet on a regular basis. You can contact and consult with well-experienced dieticians at any time you wish to include the anardana seed-based breakfast recipes in your diet. You will get complete guidance and fulfil wishes about an easy method to enhance your health with no complexity. 

This article will give you clear thoughts on how to use Anardana seeds in daily foods. 

Benefits of Anardana Seed 

  • Polyphenolic antioxidants in the seeds counter the oxidation of the bad cholesterol levels
  • Pomegranate seeds prevent plague build-up in the arteries 
  • Anardana protect the body against atherosclerosis 
  • The soluble fibre content in seeds prevent sugar from being absorbed by the body 
  • Insoluble fibre of anardana removes toxins from the body 

5 Ways to Use Anardana Seeds in your Food 

Everyone likes to have a healthy breakfast. However, they do not have enough time to prepare their breakfast by own due to their busy schedule. They search for simple and healthy breakfast recipes including the pomegranate seeds. They can focus on the following details. That will make a good decision and prepare an easy yet healthy recipe for their breakfast. 

Here are the 5 best ways you can consume seeds along with your daily foods. 

1. Anardana seeds in Indian chutneys and curries 

You can add coarsely ground dried seeds of pomegranate to your Indian curries and chutneys. The sour or sweet taste of these seeds adds a unique flavour and thickens the curry sauce. In addition, the inclusion of Anardana seeds will attract more kids and youngsters to prefer traditional food rather than going behind unhealthy fast food culture. 

2. Anardana seeds based salads 

If you like to get a healthy breakfast every morning, then you can include pomegranate seeds especially dried seeds of pomegranate in your breakfast. You can make chickpea salad with red pepper, onion, black pepper, and potatoes. Now, add the anardana seeds to the salad and get the best flavour. 

3. Anardana seeds in sweetbreads 

Raisins are mostly used in sweetbreads. You may like to make unique and tasty breads at this time. You can replace raisins with anardana seeds in sweetbreads, muffins, and cookies. Do not forget to replace the equal amount of raisins with dried pomegranates. 

4. Aloo Anardana  

Aloo Anardana is one of the most popular Indian recipes. This recipe needs anardana seeds for the unique flavour of the dish and enhancement in the overall taste. Individuals who consume healthy recipes every day can get a good improvement in their physical and mental health. However, they require enhancing their expertise about how to use healthy food items such as dried pomegranate seeds as ingredients to their recipes. 

5. Anardana seeds in the fish, beef, and venison recipes 

You have to roast the anardana seeds in the oven and grind such seeds into a powder with a coffee grinder. Now, sprinkle such powder over venison, beef, and fish. You can add the powdered anardana seeds to soup stocks as well as a marinade for an improved sour or sweet flavour.  


Everyone who consumes the anardana in their routine life can get an excellent enhancement in physical and mental health. Specialists in healthy breakfast recipes reveal how to use anardana seeds and make tasty and healthy recipes. 

You can focus on different aspects of such recipes and get an overview of how to use dried seeds of a pomegranate. By doing so, you can make your kids take healthy fruit along with their daily food habit. 

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