How to make Nattfru Purple Land Mocktail?


Looking forward to consuming a better mocktail drink without mixing alcohol, then preferring this Purple Land Mocktail would be the best. 

Are you a mocktail drinker? Are you a non-alcohol person? 

Here is the perfect one you can choose Nattfru Purple land mocktail made with Jamun! It helps you to reduce your stress and feel fresh.

It is a freeze-dried product with 100% natural ingredients/preservatives with 0% chemicals in it. This mocktail is prepared with real fruits with no color or flavor added to it. This product is all about real. Nattfru mocktail is an organic and real drink!

Mocktails are better than cocktails but this purple land mocktail drink can be converted into a cocktail by adding few ingredients. 

This mocktail recipe is simple and fast, prepared to perform in just 20 minutes. Mocktails are just incredible and the exact mocktail recipes with limited ingredients and in a relatively short period.

Ingredients needed to make mocktail: 

  • Five to six Mint leaves are required to make your purple land more different and unusual (attractive).
  • Blueberries with a great amount to make it plumper and to help it taste pleasant.
  • Lemon sliced wheels for about at least three to four slices.
  • Jamun to make the drink as per the name I.e. purple land.
  • You can add up Beetroot to taste good.
  • Cloves brings a cringe vibe and taste to the mocktail.
  • Red bull purple lemonade is known for its sugar-free taste.
  • Ice cubes to maintain the cold freeze vibe.

 How to prepare Nattfru purple land mocktail?

Step 1: Take a large carrying drink glass and then add all the ingredients in that particular glass and mix all the berries, lemonade, mint leaves, sugar-free edition I.e. red bull purple lemonade. 

Step 2: Mix all the ingredients properly and then stir it, grip it and make it drop the glass shake it well and then you are good to serve or drink this mocktail, this will help to make your mind chill and stress-free, burden less, etc. So just enjoy the vibe.

People who don’t want to spend their precious time preparing this mocktail drink can make use of the nattfru purple land mocktails premix 50gm sachet. 

Specialty of this mocktail! 

  • A perfect quality drink for home parties, cakewalks, and road outings to everyone’s favorite.
  • It is a non-alcoholic edition of purple land. It is mainly used to provoke raw color into your glasses and brings a different vibe.
  • Nattfru purple land mocktail is adequate for both kids and adults.
  • Low fat, low protein, high calories.

Is it possible to make Purple Land Mocktail into a Purple Punch Cocktail?

Yes! It is possible.

If you are planning to convert this perfect Purple Land Mocktail into an alcoholic drink, then you can do it in many ways. Take a look over the lists of common ways in which experts making this mocktail drink as a cocktail drink. 

Method 1: The first and highly recommended method is by adding ‘Vodka’ to the drink. The Vodka flavor suits better on this purple land mocktail drink. Experts highly suggest picking ‘Citron Absolut Vodka’ to make it a perfect cocktail drink. 

Method 2: The second method of converting this mocktail drink as a punch cocktail drink is by adding ‘Rum’ to it. Rum can be a perfect alternative to Vodka that gives you a pleasant flavor and taste. 

On tasting both mocktail and cocktail, people show their interest pretty even on both drinks. If you planned to have this drink at your home parties then you should definitely try this drink in two different formats, Alcoholic and non-alcoholic mode. 

Bottom line: 

You can prepare purple land mocktails and serve them at your parties. And it is not that difficult in preparing hence this will surely work adequately for all your guests. 

You can prepare this purple mocktail recipe as an alcoholic drink with many manners. According to the analysis, you must attempt both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic methods. By doing so, you can have their freshness, flavors, and taste. It is the topmost drink you can have with fun and it can be prepared within 20 mins. 

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