Nattfru stands for Natural Fruits or the fruits of nature, the gift of God. We at Nattfru are committed to bring you all the goodness of fruits and vegetables in totality without adding any preservatives. Scientifically packed after being lyophilised, fruits and vegetables are preserved with not only all their nutrients present but also the pulp/fiber intact. The only difference between a lyophilised (freeze dried) product and a fresh fruit is the absence of water. This technology also ensures that the products that reach you are not just fresh but as fresh as at farm. Nattfru products are boon for those looking for highly nutritious and fresh products with utmost convenience. Now! No looking for fresh fruits and vegetables in the crowded markets. No cutting, no peeling and no waste to manage.

Nattfru wishes you a healthy life !


Bagla Group is a renowned name in the real estate and infrastructure sector. With experience of almost half a century behind their back, Bagla Group decided to diversify. Poor availability of quality fruits & vegetables in the market and hassles attached to them ignited a spark that motivated us to venture into a field that shows promises. It promises good health and it promises little less hassles in life. Hence Nattfru was born. Under the brand Nattfru, we are offering high quality lyophilised (freeze dried) products with same zeal, passion and innovation that have always been the hallmark of Bagla Group.