Amla has actually arrived from the Sanskrit word ‘Amalaki’ and is also known as Indian gooseberry. It is so beneficial to our body so we should definitely consider taking amla powder in our regular routine!

Amla an Indian gooseberry is good for the health of an individual because it is full of nutrients and antioxidants! Besides, in many households of India, the Indian gooseberry Amala has been used as the traditional ingredient for cooking. And the entire plant has been used for various medical benefits over the centuries. 

Undoubtedly it is the powerhouse of the nutrients.

What Is The Actual Taste Of Amla Powder/Amla?

Amla/amla powder has the perfect balance of taste, I mean amla is sour, sweet, bitter, and pungent in taste at the same time! Is not it ironic? It is right. 

Amla is something you can eat in any form like you can drink it as in juice or powdered or you can eat it raw! In some households, they even make pickles of amla! Amla is really rich in vitamin C as it is sour in flavor.

Here we provide you some information related to the nutritional power of Amla powder. 

What Nutrients Does Amla Powder Have Most? 

Not just rich in vitamin C, it also has iron and calcium in it which is beneficial to our body and our health.

Amla is well known for reducing the cell damage in our skin and body! It reduces free radicals which can cause disease.

Top 7 Benefits Of Consuming Amla:

Intaking amla powder is the richest form of ascorbic acid which is a reduced form of Vitamin C. Also, it boosts the immune system of an individual by making blood vessels thick and strong.

Preserving Skin’s Natural ToneAmla powder is best for beauty influencers as it keeps your skin hydrated and prevents your skin from aging!

1. Maintains Skin Health

Amla powder can be used as a face mask to make your skin glowing! You just have to mix yogurt, honey, and some amla powder and apply it to your face! After 10-15 minutes wash your face and you will see your naturally glowing skin yours.

2. Healthy Heart

If a person consumes amla powder it keeps them away from heart diseases and cancer and many more deathly diseases.

3. Strengthens Immune Health

Due to the presence of Vitamin C, Indian gooseberry tends to optimize immune health in multiple ways. The Phagocytes one of the prominent immune cells get boosted by Vitamin C and helps to eliminate the harmful invaders of the human body.  

4. Natural Blood Purifier

One of many benefits of Indian gooseberry is that it acts as a natural blood purifier. Taking Amalaki that is amla with a tablespoon of honey or jaggery can increase a good amount of hemoglobin in your body.

5. Improves Eye’s Health

Amla is also very beneficial to our eyes! Taking amla in your regular diet can solve many eye-related problems, such as itchy eyes, redness, watery eyes, etc.

6. Treating Arthritis

Joint pains and arthritis and mouth ulcers are some of the common pains people face in their daily life, adding amla to your regular diet can be really effective against these pains.

This is because of the anti-inflammatory characteristic of amla! As for ulcers in the mouth, you can gargle water with dilute amla juice! It helps.

7. Boost Hair Growth

Not just for your body or skin but amla is very useful for your hair! As amla has carotene and also some nutrients that can strengthen the roots of your hair, slow greying of hair, and make it smooth and long!

Bottom Line:

But Sourcing raw Indian gooseberries may be a challenge unless you stay near a traditional Indian or Asian market. Still, you can purchase Indian gooseberries online. Moreover, taking it as a complement may have some side effects.

If you possess a bleeding illness or are taking a blood thinner, you should discuss with your healthcare provider before consuming Indian gooseberry, sipping it as a tea, or taking it as an accessory. You should also avoid taking Indian gooseberry previous to surgery because of this bleeding danger.

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