Bitter Gourd Benefits: Unraveling the mystery of the unbelievable Bitter Gourd Benefits?

karela powder (bitter gourd)

Bitter Gourd: Mostly this distasteful vegetable we know as bitter gourd is dismissed for its horrendous bitterness it leaves on the palette after consumed. Surely doesn’t taste great, does it? Obviously if it doesn’t taste great why should one worry about eating it? Well well! There is a fair bit of mystery this bitter-wonder holds & that is its HUGE medicinal value. The consumption of this total unappetizing vegetable has a tremendous nutritional promise. The only thing that one might have to bear is the disgusting taste, the lasting after effect of the obnoxious. So let us embrace this great almost mystic bitterness & not overlook the great health benefits it has to offer to us.

Let us understand the mystic bitter a little better & understand why its great for us

Bitter gourd offers a broad range of nutrients starting right from the pronounced ones like the Vitamin C to potassium, iron & magnesium. Apart from those, it contains doubly more of potassium of a banana, beta carotene of broccoli & calcium of spinach. Surely it is needless to say. Excellent remedy for type 1 & type 2 diabetes, for controlling cholesterol, wonderful for maintaining healthy eye, skin & hair, the health of the liver, very helpful for the weight loss management, strengthens immunity.

Just a quick snapshot of the goodness of a bitter gourd- The small amount of it as much as 100 grams contains about 34 calories, 7 grams carbohydrates, 3.6 grams protein & 13-milligram sodium and 602 grams potassium. Just imagine when a small amount can hold such goodness in it then a good dose of it could do such wonders to your intake of nutritional value.

What do we do get our daily dose of Bitter Gourd Juice?

It is a bit of a challenge as to how we can go about consuming the very beneficial bitter gourd simply because of its distastefulness. Mind you though you should though just because its all so worth it. You could drink it in the juice form, eat it as a sabzi, cut its bitterness quotient by adding a dash of lemon or lime and some salt. To cut things short decide to take it in some form or the other because it is perfect for you.

Not a fan of Bitter Gourd? Don’t know what to do? Let Nattfru take care of it all for you

Nattfru has bitter gourd powder available for you which is packaged for you in a way that makes the consumption easy for you. Just mix it in water add salt-lime & you are good to go. If you happen to be the rare karela lover, then you could sprinkle some of that on fried potatoes and consume with very Indie parathas or pooris.

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Bitter Gourd Benefits
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Bitter Gourd Benefits
Are you looking for the finest health benefits of bitter gourd? Well bitter gourd is know for it's bitter taste very well but apart from it bitter gourd is filled with many health benefits.
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