How Can A glass of Bael Juice A Day Help To keep The Doctor Away?

Bael Juice Powder

Did you know, that the forbidden apple has a competitor now? Yes, especially when it comes to health. Apart from an apple a day, the Bael Juice too can keep the doctor away. Bael is considered as the powerhouse of several important nutrients like protein, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and riboflavin which is important for maintaining good health and empowering the immunity of the body. However, there are several benefits of Bael Juice which you must know if you want to stay away from the doctor. Know the benefits below:

Bael Juice Powder

  • Increases metabolic rate of the body

The health of the body mostly depends on its metabolism and Bael Juice assures you that. Having a glass of it every morning, along with breakfast, increases the metabolic rate of the body. This is a great way to charge yourself post workout with a boost of energy, without consuming many calories.

  • Ensures a fast weight loss

Finding an easy as well as a healthy way to lose weight, may not seem easy, but it is. Yes, if you can consume a glass of bael juice during breakfast, then you can achieve your goal body weight soon. Due to the presence of fiber in this juice, the initial water weight of the body is reduced to a great extent. Also, a glass of bael juice consists of only 140 calories to 150 calories so it also keeps the calorie count of the body in control.

  • Serves as a great diabetic drink

Diabetic individuals usually have a very strict diet to maintain. So, having something healthy that satisfies your sweet tooth as well, is like a dream. But, bael juice has made a dream come true by catering to both factors. Due to the presence of high fiber content in it, it keeps the appetite filled up for long without imposing any diabetic side effects on the body. Thus, home churned bael juice is the best possible option to go for. However, it is always a suggestion for diabetic patients to consult their personal physicians before bringing any change in the diet.

  • Deals with the constipation issues

As Bael is a high fiber-rich fruit, it is great for treating intestinal problems. Thus, bael juice helps in treating constipation issues by forming bulk in intestines through its laxative properties, thus cleansing the passage of the body. Therefore, bael juice is of huge importance and plays a great role in your health processes.

  • Keeps the cholesterol in control

Most of us have the notion that keeping cholesterol in control is not an easy task. But what if we tell you, it is as easy as consuming a glass of bael juice? Yes. Bael juice powder has such properties which control the triglycerides and lipid profiles of the body, thus maintaining the cholesterol level.

However, consuming home churned bael juice is a hectic affair amidst our busy schedules. So, a ready-to-drink option is always preferable. The Nattfru Bael Juice is an absolutely organic one and has no side effects as such. Know more about this product, and order it from their official website


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