7 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Brew tea

People from South Asia prefer drinking tea a lot when compared to coffee. Whether it’s white or green, most often they prefer drinking hot tea. However, taking cold brew tea gives you a different taste and flavour.

When compared with white, green tea possess a huge amount of benefits. Researchers have proved that taking green tea lowers down the risk of heart disease, supports weight loss and protects your skin against UV inflammation and damage. 

7 Health benefits of Brew Tea

White and brewing green tea contains the most flavonoids provides various health benefits. Green tea includes binding of free radicals, antimicrobial and antimutagenic properties that helps in treating the obesity problem. 

Green steep tea is found to be the one that contains fresh leaves which contain huge amounts of the liable power ingredients that helps in providing energy to your body. 

Here are the lists of 7 health benefits offered by the green brew tea you should know. 

1. Reduces Anxiety Level

According to the study report, the presence of the amino acid L-Theanine in Green tea plays a vital role in reducing stress levels. These day people are seeking various ways to get relaxed from their anxiety

Having a cup of green tea will reduce their stress level significantly and improves their mood. Apart from that in the recent study, the amino acid substance L-Theanine in Green tea shows promising sign of boosting immunity level as well. 

2. Boosts Metabolism Level 

Consuming iced brew green tea will give you various health benefits. Especially, ice green tea delivers a high amount of Manganese which is one of the essential minerals one should intake on daily basis. 

According to the research, one eight-ounce glass of iced brew tea contains more than 500 micrograms of Manganese minerals that plays a vital role in boosting Metabolism and also increases bone strength. 

3. Reduces Bad Cholesterol Levels 

People who are keen to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol from their body can prefer drinking green tea on daily basis. Experts have proved that brewing green tea has a high level of flavonoids reduces the presence of bad cholesterol level and also prevents blood clotting. 

According to a recent study conducted by Chinese experts, regular consumption of green tea improves artery function and reduces hypertension by 50% when compared to non-tea drinkers.

4. Elevates Vitamin C Level                                

Though green tea offers a wide range of Vitamins & Minerals when it is consumed on regular basis, drinking clod brewing green tea simply elevates more Vitamin C then drinking hot green tea. 

Drinking hot brewing green tea is not a bad option but consuming cold brewing green tea amplifies the green tea benefits. 

5. Acts like Antioxidants 

Green tea has higher antioxidants however when it is brewing with water more than 90 degree means the antioxidants get destroyed. So green tea must be brewed with cool water so that its antioxidant integrity level sustains. 

The presence of antioxidant integrity in green tea helps you to keep your body young and energetic. 

6. Elevates Digestion System

Green brewing tea has the properties that help in making your digestion process smooth and convenient. The presence of a prebiotic ingredient in green tea supports the intestine to make your food digestion process smooth. 

People who are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome can prefer drinking green tea. 

7. Prevents Cavities & Tooth Loss

Unlike soda, the enriched minerals and vitamins of green tea do not harm your teeth enamel. Besides, a study report highlights that consuming green tea for long period will prevent cavity related issues. 

The ingredients of green tea alter the mouth pH level, reduces the risk of tooth loss significantly. 

Apart from those above-listed 7 benefits, green tea can reduce the sugar level in the blood. Approximately drinking 2 cups of green tea will provide you with a great positive effect in reducing your blood sugar. 

Conclusion for Brew Tea

If you are a person who prefers to drink tea than coffee then you should seriously start considering taking green tea. Green tea delivers a high amount of benefits and elevates the benefits of normal tea gives. Start drinking green tea brew on daily basis and keep your body fit, healthier and stronger. 

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