Rasbhari Juice Powder 35 gm x Pack of Two


• 100% Natural
• No Preservatives
• Nutrient contents is similar to natural Rasbhari
• Ready to use
• Smart way to add nutrients to your diet
• Sweet & tangy in taste
Nattfru Rasbhari Juice :

Nattfru Rasbhari juice powder comes with all the benefits of actual rasbhari. It carries
the goodness of fresh fruit in totality, including all its nutrients along with
pulp/fiber. It is known to be a rich source of Vitamins A, B, C and Pectin. Rasbhari
is used for many purpose. Due to its tangy tasting nature, it is used in puddings,
ice cream, jams, salads, desserts etc. It is also used in Cocktails and sweet dishes.